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Collaborative Piano : All Occasions Welcome !!


Recommendation from Prof. Marina Goglidze-Mdivani


It is my pleasure to recommend Yu-Ting Stevia Gong to be an accompanist. I have known Yu-Ting for the past five years, having served as both her piano teacher and her supervisor in the Artist Diploma and Master of Music degree program at McGill University. Based on Yu-Ting’s performance, including attendance and class participation, I would rate Yu-Ting’s overall academic achievement in my class as outstanding. Her mature music organizational skills, her sharp musical sensitivity, her versatility in playing different repertoire, and her attention to the finest details are just four of her qualities that display her musical talent. She is professional, kind, organized and easy to get along with. Yu-Ting is an outstanding student in both the musical and academic fields at McGill University, as demonstrated by the Schulich Scholarships she has won over the past two years.


Her fundamental piano technique is very solid and it has enabled her to master many heavy and very difficult pieces at a young age. Very often her performances well display the deep meaning of the music, and the sound quality of her playing is always rich and clear, with formidable power.


In conclusion, I would highly recommend Yu-Ting Stevia Gong to be an excellent accompanist. If her performance in my class is any indication of how she would perform in the future, Yu-Ting would definitely be a positive addition to the piano accompanist program! Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact with me anytime.



Associate Professor Marina Mdivani

Schulich School of Music of McGill University


The preparation for exams, auditions and competitions is possible upon request.


Rehearsal Fees :

30 minutes : $38.00CAD

60 minutes (an hour) : $57.50CAD

90 minutes (an hour and half) : $82.50CAD

Exam or Audition : $115.00CAD (per visit)

Concert Performance : $172.50CAD (per day)

Solo Recital : $345.00CAD (per visit) 


*Payment must be made by the first week of each month.


* The fee can be paid either by cash, cheque and E-transfer. However, the fee does not include scores, flash cards, sheet music, metronomes...etc, or any other music tools. It is possible that students can use photocopied sheet music, online sheet music, or they can buy scores by themselves. Purchasing from me is also available.


Traffic Fees :

Burnaby : $10.00CAD per visit. 

Vancouver East, New Westminster : $15.00CAD per visit. 

Vancouver West, Coquitlam, Port Coquitam, Port Moody : $20.00CAD per visit. 

Richmond, Surrey : $25.00CAD per visit. 

North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Delta : $35.00CAD per visit. 


Please note that my service will only be provided in the Greater Vancouver areas.


Rehearsals in my studio are preferable. However, for in-home rehearsal, it is important to note that I use public transportation and bicycle, so lessons outside Burnaby areas will be charge an additional Traffic Fee. 



Cancellation policy : at least 24 hours in advance by phone, e-mail or text message (SMS).

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