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Music Lessons : Piano & Theory Lesson


After fifteen years of experience in teaching piano in schools and at home, I am comfortable with children of all ages, as well as with teenagers and adults. I was trained at the Normal University in Taiwan and developed a professional approach toward students and parents. By working in junior and high schools, I have accumulated lots of experiences for repertoire selection, believing that the music students work on should have an artistic image: the meaning, not just a repetition of lots of notes and busy hand movements.


My method of playing also combines the Russian School Piano Pedagogy and French Classic in Montreal, focusing on score-reading and accurate position for playing piano. However, at the same time, the technique, which comes from Chopin’s tradition, is never separated from music. Students improve their piano skills based not on what comes first in music theory, but based on what comes first in piano skills. In this way, they then learn the theory of music accordingly. Thus, I teach both theory and piano lesson simultaneously since they are always combined with each other.


The preparation for exams, auditions and competitions is possible upon request.


Lesson Fees :

15 minutes : $25.00CA

30 minutes : $38.00CAD

45 minutes : $47.50CAD

60 minutes (an hour) : $55.00CAD (Adult Piano)

90 minutes (an hour and half) : $82.50CAD

RCM 1-2 - 47.50 cad (45 min)

RCM 3-4 – 52.50 cad

RCM 5-7 – 55cad

RCM 8-10 – 60cad

RCM ARCT/Licentiate – 65cad

Practice Assistant Fees:

RCM 1-2 - 40 cad (45 min)

RCM 3-4 – 45 cad (1 hour)

RCM 5-7 –47.50 cad (1 hour)

RCM 8-10 – 50cad (1 hour)

RCM ARCT/LRCM – 55cad (1 hour)

90 minutes (an hour and half) : $65.00CAD


Theory Fees: (RCM Intermediate Level - Preparatory to Lev. 8)

30 minutes : $38.00CAD (RCM Level 1-4)

45 minutes : $47.50CAD (RCM Level 5-7)

60 minutes (an hour) : $60.00CAD (RCM Level 8)

90 minutes (an hour and half) : $85.00CAD


*Payment must be made by the first week of each month.


* The fee can be paid either by cash, cheque and E-transfer. However, the fee does not include scores, flash cards, sheet music, metronomes...etc, or any other music tools. It is possible that students can use photocopied sheet music, online sheet music, or they can buy scores by themselves. Purchasing from me is also available.


Traffic Fees :

Burnaby : $10.00CAD per visit. 

Vancouver East, New Westminster : $15.00CAD per visit. 

Vancouver West, Coquitlam, Port Coquitam, Port Moody : $20.00CAD per visit. 

Richmond, Surrey : $25.00CAD per visit. 

North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Delta : $35.00CAD per visit. 


Please note that my service will only be provided in the Greater Vancouver areas.


Lesson in my studio is preferable. However, for in-home lesson, it is important to note that I use public transportation and bicycle, so lessons outside Burnaby areas will be charge an additional Traffic Fee.

Cancellation policy : at least 24 hours in advance by phone, e-mail or text message (SMS).


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